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Sirena Scuba Diving student Keisha's testimonial.

I have been wanting to get scuba certified for years and Stormy finally convinced me to do it! She helped me throughout the entire process including the very difficult wet suit find since I'm more full bodied than most. I also had trouble clearing my ears quite a bit and Stormy was very patient, helping me no matter how long it took. I plan to continue to learn with her much more in the future. She's just that great! 


Sirena Scuba Diving student Fletch's testimonial.

I wanted to surprise my wife with getting scuba certified so we could enjoy this activity together on our honeymoon.  Stormy was able to work with the crazy schedule to get us certified in time for our trip.  She was patient and took time to ensure we were comfortable in the water in all the situations we need to feel secure.  She didn't just teach the skill, but also the why behind it so I understood better.  As a bonus, Stormy also gave us good advice for when we start on our own, and also provided good guidance for locating places to dive. 


 Stormy went above and beyond to get me past my anxiety about diving and get me certified.  She was so patient and never made me feel rushed or embarrassed.  I highly recommend her for a fun, informative, personalized experience!  


Sirena Scuba Diving student Lan's testimonial.

Just got certified and cannot wait to log my first real dives! Stormy was very thorough, patient, and accommodating. She made sure I was absolutely confident with every single skill and dive, and I feel good about starting my diving adventures equipped with her training. I think I have a better grasp of knowledge and skills training with Stormy than I would have had I chosen a typical dive school. Highly recommend her if you want some personal attention. 


Stormy is a kind person who goes out of her way to make her students comfortable. She is welcoming and  thoughtful as an instructor.  When I go for the next step in diving, I will contact Stormy to be my instructor.  Stormy is an instructor with Diveheart, a non-profit organization that works with people of all abilities to get them in the water. If you want to dive, contact her!  


Sirena Scuba Diving student Peggy's testimonial.

After researching 5+ dive schools in Atlanta, I chose Stormy for a number of reasons - one of which is that her prices were more reasonable than the large group classes!  As someone who is a little nervous in the open ocean, Stormy was the perfect instructor.  The classes were personalized and moved at my pace, and she is incredibly calm and thorough in her instruction.  If I learned a skill quickly and felt comfortable, we were able to move on rather than having to wait for other students.  I saw some other classes during my time training with Stormy, and feel like I got a much more thorough grasp of all skills - she really makes sure you understand WHY you're learning something, not just HOW to do it.  Finally, Stormy was really flexible with my travel and work schedule, accommodating 5-7PM pool sessions on weekdays and traveling with me to Florida to complete my open water dives (since I had access to accommodation and Stormy brought all her own gear, this also saved me the $400+ to go on a dive shop-sponsored training trip!).  I really can't recommend her services enough.  She is patient, understanding, and never once made me feel embarrassed or nervous.  Dive with Stormy - you won't regret it!



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